Plasma sterilizers

State-of-the-art plasma technology

Nuova BN is the official reseller of Renosem plasma sterilizers.

This new partnership allows us to expand the offer of sterilizers to our customers, thus also satisfying the needs of sterilization at low temperatures.

Plasma sterilization includes exposing an object to be sterilized to a mixed gas generated by a plasma generator and a hydrogen peroxide solution.
The exposure of the article to the plasma gas is carried out at a pressure between vacuum and supra atmosphere for a period of time sufficient to effect the sterilization.

Plasma sterilizer

Low temperatures with high sterilization efficiency

Plasma sterilizers are used for the sterilization of highly sophisticated and heat sensitive surgical instruments.
The Reno Series combines the most effective plasma technologies, innovative designs, and fast sterilization times to create easy-to-use, cost-effective solutions.

Continuous research and development, quality, safety and comprehensive services as well as an intuitive design are important aspects of the Reno plasma sterilizer series.

Reno plasma sterilizer models