Orthopedic tractor extension

Orthopedic tractor for operating tables

Nuova BN has created a series of orthopedic tractor units for electromechanical or manual operating tables, able to satisfy all orthopedic traction operations with maximum safety and precision. Being able to anchor directly to the column of our operating tables, the structure becomes highly solid and stable, in order to allow all the necessary orthopedic traction operations in maximum safety.

Carbon Fiber version

Orthopedic traction unit in carbon fiber for electromechanical and manual operating tables

Nuova BN has determined a new way of conceiving room operations by creating a series of tables and accessories in carbon fiber.
The traction units are an example of this, they exploit the excellent qualities of a highly technological material to be used in orthopedic surgery and traumatology of choice, thanks to the characteristics of total radiolucency.

An accessory designed to simplify the assembly, the configuration during the intra-operative phases, the positioning in the space of the single traction units and for the subsequent disassembly, by a single operator.

In fact, thanks to the crank mechanism with two degrees of
adjustment, the surgical team adjusts the traction impressed on the limb
with maximum simplicity, speed and convenient access to the
patient during the operating phases.

The Nuova BN traction unit has been designed to be grafted directly to the column of the tables in the electromechanical or manual version so that the structure becomes solid and stable.

Version for electromechanical operating tables

Traction group for connection on the operating electromechanical table
  • Support Bars for connection on high or low position respect to the operating table top.
  • Solid structure in stainless steel.
  • The different placements allows very good limbs traction.
  • Best use of C-arm.

Composed by:

  • A509/A PLUS traction pair bars for A52/PLUS 4 joints able to satisfy traction of upper/lower limbs, and cervical, pelvic support complete with removable triangular pads, replaceable with additional optional accessories.
  • A100-CF TRAUMA radiotranslucent carbon fi ber contraction roller. Removable foam pads for sterilization in autoclave.
  • A508 pair of tractor devices.
  • A517/B PLUS universal connection system of traction bars.
  • A516 pair of stainless steel vertical posts.
  • n. 02 A01/E rotating clamps for connection on round bar on rails 40×40 mm.
  • n.02 A01/A clamps for fastening items A516.
  • A93/A orthopedic support roll for healthy leg, bar A83+A83/A included.
  • A94 single leg support in stainless steel for healthy leg.
  • A515 PLUS transport and storing trolley of traction bars.
Brochure tractor unit A52

Version for manual operating tables

Orthopaedic trolley for connection on operating manual table BN X02
  • Antistatic wheels, two of which are directional and equipped with a braking system
  • Created for the insertion on the base of the operating tables of our production
  • Structure in stainless steel
  • Completaly free for the use of the x rays machine

Composed by:

  • A509: basic set for different orthopedic rests.
  • A55: pelvic support for plaster adults /children.
  • A26: pair of leg rests with small fork height adjustable.
  • A508: pair of tractor devices.
  • A517: adjustable column for the insertion of pelvic support on orthopedic trolley.
  • A14: pair of boots for traction.
Brochure tractor unit BN X02