F4 F6 series

Mechanic al operating tables of high performance

Technology, functionality, accuracy, stability and safety are the main characteristics of the F4 and F6 series.

Born from the forty year experience of Nuova BN, the series F4 and F6 gives to the users a large opportunity of choice in a wide range of operating tables that can be used for traditional and specific surgery.

The operating tables frame (completely in stainless steel) together with an innovative design put the table at the highest level in their class.

Four available bases has been projected with the purpose of giving to the operating room an innovative and compact design.

The modular table tops can be composed by different number of sections, accordingly to the surgical needs, they can support safely more than 250 kgs.

Basic outfit

Frame wholly in stainless steel with reflection proof treatment

Hydraulic up/down adjustment

Table top divided into removable and modular sections

Column basement available in four different models

Table top mechanical or crank adjustments

Easy removal of head and leg rest, different types available

X-rays holder under back and seat rest

Radiolucency of 400 mm width and on the whole length of the top

Accessories holder 25x10 on the whole table top length

Removable, antistatic and decubitus free, pads

Specific uses

Operating table for mobile emergency hospitals

F4-HC is the radio-surgical operating table for advanced mobile field structures, designed in collaboration with the Intervention Surgery Group of the Civil Protection of Pisa. Designed to provide safety, functionality and rapid assembly in emergency interventions, even in the case of particularly complex surgical operations.

Operating table F4 HC disassembled in boxes
Operating table F4 HC disassembled
Operating table F4-HC

Easily transportable, in its boxes, on means of Civil Protection such as airplanes, helicopters, emergency vehicles, etc. it can be displaced in areas affected by natural events, in risky military zones and in places that are geographically not easily accessibles.

Brochure F4-HC

Operating table for ship and mobile operating theatre

The F series stands out for its simplicity, precision and stability. Features that are even better highlighted in the use on civil and military ships thanks to the specific configuration created for these uses.
One of the main characteristics that distinguishes this operating table for ships, is its base specifically designed to reduce the overall dimensions to a minimum, always guaranteeing maximum stability.

Operating table series F ship basement on rails
Operating table series F for ship table top rotation
Operating table series F for ship

The base of the column can be fixed directly to the ground or (optionally) equipped with specific rails, in turn anchored to the floor on which the entire operating table can slide. Furthermore, the possibility of having a 360 ° table rotation allows to find the best operating position even in small spaces.

Brochure F4-C
Available bases
Ship basement series F

Ship basement

Squared basement of small footprint with floor fixing plate or on rails, suitable for army of civil ships

Hospital field basement series F

Hospital field basement

Column for field hospital (detachable from the table top) equipped with four height adjustable pins, essential on hilly floors. Possible to be installed in its aluminum case for the transportation.

Shaped Basament series F

Shaped basement

Mobile shaped basement with directional and swivel castors, with high stability brake system, powered by a sturdy stainless steel footswitch with anti gliss rubber caps.

Basement on big wheels series F

Basement on big wheels

Mobile on four antistatic castors, one directional and brake system on the other three, driven by pedal with fast kick stop system.

Operating Table Series F rotation table top

360° table top rotation

Operating table series F longitudinal sliding

Longitudinal sliding


Orthopedics and traumatology

Possibility to apply the orthopedic trolley for the traction of the lower / upper limbs and the related accessories for all traumatology and orthopedic operations


Neurosurgery ENT

Neurosurgery in supine position.

Support ring for hands adjustable in height and adjustable head rest on ball complete with removable pillow for autoclave sterilization.

Operating Table Series F ENT Neurosurgery

Gynecology and urology

Gynecology and proctology in lithotomy position.

Leg support with adjustable support, gel headrest, arm holder for narcosis adjustable on ball complete with clamp and straps for locking the removable pillow arm for autoclave sterilization.

Operating Table Series F Gynecology Urology

General surgery

Thoracic surgery in lateral position, multi-position narcissus arm support adjustable longitudinally, in height, with a 360-degree spherical joint with respect to the operating table complete with clamp.

Operating Table Series F Surgery General

Obviously these are just some applications.

We can configure the table for any specific application, also equipping it with all the necessary accessories that can be viewed on our catalog.

Catalogo of tables accessories
Technical data
Brochure F4/F6
Brochure F4-C
Brochure F4-HC
Tavolo operatorio serie F escursioni salita discesa
Tavolo operatorio serie F escursioni flex
Tavolo operatorio serie F escursioni chair
Tavolo operatorio F4L e F6L escursioni torace
Tavolo operatorio serie F escursioni traslazione
Tavolo operatorio serie F escursioni laterale