Electrical operating tables

Multi-function operating tables designed to satisfy all surgical specialties

Tavolo operatorio 3010 Plus

The electronic operating tables of the EM 3010 series stand out for their high performance and functionality at the first levels of the category.

These operating tables have been designed and manufactured for the needs of the most modern and specialized operating rooms, configurable for all surgical specialties, even the most demanding.

The operating table is maximally x-ray translucent thanks to the longitudinal translation excursion able to completely eliminate the overall dimensions of the column for over 400 mm.

The transferable table system, the electromechanical movements of the column and the entire operating top make this range of operating tables the new reference point for the sector.

EM 2010 operating table

The electromechanical operating tables of the EM 2010 series combine technology, reliability, high performance and cost savings making them suitable for traditional and specialized surgery.

These multi-function radiosurgery tables have been designed to combine high performance with minimum bulk.

Each table is designed with a mobile column that allows the room attendant to adapt to any operating unit with safety and speed and to configure according to the specific surgical need.

The possibility of configuration with transferable shelves, versatility and simplicity of use characterize this range of operating tables.

Table operative 1010

The 1010 series electrohydraulic operating tables stand out for their simplicity and high quality / price ratio.

Electrohydraulic management of the most important movements, with self-leveling and different operating levels available, for each surgical activity.

Composed of modular sections, it satisfies every surgical specialty, even orthopedics up to the traction of the lower, upper and cervical limbs.

Base on large twin wheels, antistatic with braking system.