GS GS-HV series

Orthopedic tables for plaster

Orthopedic tables for plaster with trolley made entirely of stainless steel with anti-reflective treatment for maximum strength.

The mobile base on antistatic wheels, equipped with directionality and braking system, make it extremely manageable and stable.

The top is divided into 5 modular sections that can be removed and sterilized in an autoclave, radiolucent in width and for the entire length.

In addition, the top is designed for the insertion of the plate holder along its entire width.

Two different versions

Tavolo GSHV


Version with hydraulic management of movements with longitudinal translation of the table of 600 mm. The precision of Trendelenburg and counter Trendelenburg movements are managed by the retractable crank.

Tavolo GS


Version with totally manual movement management with longitudinal translation of the top of 600 mm. Stability and ease of use are the main features, combined with high economic savings.

Table GS GSHV wheels

Swiveling antistatic wheels with directionality and total brake system on both sides.

Table GS GSHV mattress raised

Removable and elevating backrest for trunk plastering. Removable and sterilizable mattresses.

Table GS GSHV joint

Extreme precision in adjusting any position of the various components. Simple and safe locking systems.

Table GS GSHV joint upper

Pelvic support for adult and child casts. Leg section removable and with manual adjustment on both sides.

Composition of the traction table
Composizione tavolo GS GS-HV

A55: Pelvic support for adult / child casts consisting of: radiolucent pelvic support, contraction roller, removable and radiolucent shaped cushion for pelvic support.

A72 (Optional) : Pair of leather anklets for grafting on the traction unit.

A14 (Optional) : Pair of traction sandals complete with coupling (adults).

A510: Hook for connection of ankle support.

A508: Double-joint traction pair, for lower and upper limbs as well as for cervical.

A26 : Tilting pair of leg support from forked.

A519 : Adjustable pillar for connection of pelvic support.

We can configure the table for any specific application, also equipping it with all the necessary accessories that can be viewed in our catalog.

Table accessories catalog

For all the technical data of the GS and GS-HV series tables, refer to the brochure.

Brochure GS GS-HV series