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Innovation and technologies for surgical activities

Since 1979 NUOVA BN develops and builds operating tables and operating surgical devices at its factory in Vinovo (Turin) constantly following the research‘s evolution and health‘s technology. NUOVA BN has always distinguished itself as an innovative company starting from the fi rst table top transfer system in the world (Industrial Invention Patent of 1981) which has led to a new way of thinking the surgical activity in the operating theater. Table top transfer system is even now one of the innovations most used in the most modern operating theaters all over the world.

New Operating table 2010 Taurus

Multifunction electronic mobile operating tables on big wheels for any surgical specialty. Electronic operating tables are designed to combine mobility and high-performance. Click for details

Nuova BN Company

NUOVA BN is an international company, composed by different specialized production departments and by a reliable and dynamic staff who carries out with passion and competences his duties. Discover our company…


NUOVA BN‘s production force, constantly growing, differs between operating theater, delivery, endoscopic, emergency, field, naval, military hospitals medical devices and sterilizers production. A thousand of devices sold all over the world available in more than 40 modular versions with thousand complement accessories and possibility of customization for special surgical requests.

Tables operators Nuova BN

Operating tables

Multi-function radiosurgery tables designed to combine high performance, simplicity, precision, stability and safety. These characteristics make them suitable to satisfy any surgical specialty thanks to a wide choice of accessories available.

Tables delivery and obstetrics surgery

Delivery beds

The delivery bed line was created to fulfill the needs of the mother in comfort during a natural physiological birth, but also in case of emergency and complications during childbirth, to transform into a surgical bed on which to intervene directly for cesarean delivery.

Traction group for connection on the operating electromechanical table

Orthopedically extension for operating tables

Nuova BN has created a series of orthopedic tractor units for electromechanical or manual operating tables, able to satisfy all orthopedic traction operations with maximum safety and precision.

Multispecialistic stretcher BN ETP

Multispecialistic stretcher

The multifunctional specialistic stretcher combines versatility with high quality standards in order to be easily adaptable to satisfy all hospital needs, from comfortable transport of patient to more specialistic activities.

Steam sterilizers autoclave - Nuova BN

Autoclave steam sterilizers

The ST.NBN series is a complete and versatile line of steam sterilizers autoclave for hospital and healthcare facilities, with a variety of models designed for small and large structures.

Plasma sterilizer

Plasma sterilizers

Nuova BN is the official reseller of Renosem plasma sterilizers, thus also satisfying the needs of sterilization at low temperatures.

Hospital furniture in Inox

Furniture and accessories in stainless steel

Nuova BN suggests a range of furniture and accessories in stainless steel which completes the high-tech medical devices production and specialization for operating room.