Innovation and technology for surgical activities

Since 1979 we have been designing and manufacturing operating tables, sterilizers and devices for innovative operating rooms, anticipating the needs of the sector.

All the products are the result of a constant and fruitful dialogue with doctors and clinical engineers. This way of working allows us to meet the needs of surgeons and guarantee the best result for the well-being and health of patients.

Tables operators Nuova BN

Operating tables

All the operating tables we produce are made of stainless steel and are x-ray translucent, designed to combine high performance with minimum space.

Each table is designed with a mobile column that allows the room attendant to adapt to any operating unit with safety and speed and to configure according to the specific surgical need.

Tables delivery and obstetrics surgery

Delivery and obstetric surgery

The delivery bed line was created to fulfill the needs of the mother in comfort during a natural physiological birth, but also in case of emergency and complications during childbirth, to transform into a surgical bed on which to intervene directly for cesarean delivery.

Traction group for connection on the operating electromechanical table

Orthopedically extension for operating tables

Orthopedic traction units for electromechanical or manual operating tables, able to satisfy all orthopedic traction operations with maximum safety and precision.

Multispecialistic stretcher BN ETP

Multispecialistic stretcher

Versatility with high quality standards to easily adapt to all hospital needs, from patient transport, in a comfortable way, to more specialized activities.

Steam sterilizers autoclave - Nuova BN

Autoclave steam sterilizers

Nuova BN has allocated new resources in the design, development and production of high-tech steam sterilizers.

A complete and versatile line of sterilizers for hospital and healthcare facilities, with a variety of models designed for small and large structures.

Plasma sterilizer

Plasma sterilizers

Nuova BN is the official reseller of Renosem plasma sterilizers.

This new partnership allows us to expand the offer of sterilizers to our customers, thus also satisfying the needs of sterilization at low temperatures.

Hospital furniture in Inox

Furniture and accessories in stainless steel

Our range of stainless steel hospital furniture and accessories that complete the production of high-tech and specialized medical devices for the surgical unit.