EM 2010 Taurus series

Mobile electromechanical operating table

Multifunction electronic operating tables on big wheels for any surgical specialty.
Electronic operating tables are designed to combine mobility and high-performance.
Each table is designed with a mobile column that allows the room operator to operate at any operating room with safety and speed and it is suitable to every specific surgical requirement.
The serie, available in three different versions, suits to every surgical activities thanks to the wide range of accessories.

Three different versions

Tavolo operatorio 2010 Taurus Style

2010 Taurus STYLE

Semi-automatic version of movements with fixed top with removable sections and backrest adjustment by gas spring.

Tavolo operatorio 2010 Taurus Skill

2010 Taurus SKILL

Semi-automatic movement management version with movable and top with removable sections. Backrest adjustment by means of a removable millesimal mechanical crank.

Tavolo operatorio 2010 Taurus Smart

2010 Taurus SMART

Version equipped with innovative electronicsto manage the movements of the column and backrest. Top with removable and movable sections.

The operating tables 2010 Taurus series are mainly available in three different versions, however adaptable to any surgical specialty thanks to the wide range of accessories available.

Security systems

Collision avoidance system

The 2010 Taurus operating table has an “active safety” anti-collision system capable of self-determining its dimensions, this software control prevents (through the limitation / blocking of some movements) collisions between the table elements and the flooring, due to incorrect maneuvers by operator.

Using an integrated calculation system in recognition of the value of the excursion, the system is aware of the movements that can be performed and limits its travel (alerting the operator by means of acoustic signals) preventing damage to the system, making its use safe even in the face of distraction errors (the operator can take full advantage of the device’s performance in maximum safety.

2010 Taurus Style operating table, high leg position

Active and passive safety

Safety is the main focus of the design and subsequently of the realization of NUOVA BN medical devices.

Particular attention is paid to certain aspects, dedicating the resources and the time required for the device to act and react correctly in any situation, both normal and stressful, as established in the risk analysis.

The security aspect is divided into two categories, passive and active security as follows:

  • Passive safety: reference to the CEI standards, guidelines for the reliability, efficiency and effectiveness of the safety measures applied to the device.
  • Active safety: reference to the software management part of the system and to the robustness of the device. This safety avoids and automatically corrects the error of use (safe use status foreseen by the risk analysis, control of the position of each electromechanical movement, control of the anti-collision system, manual recovery in the event of engine failure, etc. …).
Operating table 2010 Taurus big wheel

Large antistatic swivel wheels with directionality and total brake on both sides.

Operating table mattress 50 mm

Anti-decubitus mattresses, removable and sterilizable Latex free.

Operating table X-Ray translucent

The top divided into removable sections is radiolucent for 400mm in width and for the entire length.

Operating table with cable remote control

Remote control for the management of movements always at hand

Operating table detail handle

Structure and handle entirely in stainless steel with anti-reflective treatment

Table operative command manuals

Exclusive manual handling system in case of emergency

Table operative emergency button

High security emergency button for blocking the table functions

Table operation display battery

Visual indication of the accumulator status via the display located on the column

Operating table 2010 Taurus Skill longitudinal plane translation
Operating table 2010 Taurus Smart longitudinal plane translation

Operating table with longitudinal translation up to 300mm as standard on the SKILL and SMART versions.

Optional on request on the STYLE version by removing the lateral tilt function of the table top.


Spine surgery

Operating table 2010 Taurus spinal surgery

Gynecology – Urology

Operating table 2010 Taurus gynecology urology

ENT neurosurgery

Operating table 2010 Taurus ENT neurosurgery

Shoulder surgery

Operating table 2010 Taurus shoulder surgery

General surgery

Operating table 2010 Taurus general surgery

Obviously these are just a few applications.

We can configure the operating table for any specific application, also equipping it with all the necessary accessories that can be consulted in our catalog.

Operating table accessories catalog

For all the technical data of the EM 2010 Taurus series operating tables, refer to the brochure.

Brochure serie EM 2010 Taurus