EM 2010 series

Electromechanical operating tables

Functionality, precision, freedom of movement, stability and safety are the key features of the EM 2010 series.

This series of operating tables allows operators a wide range of choices among a wide range of interchangeable and fixed tops that ensure optimal use of the system both in traditional and specialized surgery.

Each table is designed with a mobile column that allows the room operator to operate at any operating room with safety and speed and it is suitable to every specific surgical requirement.

Three different ways of thinking

Operating table 2010 MODULO


Equipped as standard with the innovative MODULO operating table configurable from 2 to 10 sections to adapt to each surgical specialty and to the different types of patients.

Operating table 2010 standard


The 2010 STANDARD operating table combines technology, reliability, high performance and savings, making this product suitable for traditional and specialist surgery.

Operating table 2010 semiautomatic


The 2010 Semiautomatic operating table was designed and built with an electronic microprocessor technology for the semi-automatic management of movements.

The operating tables of the 2010 series are mainly available in three different versions, however adaptable to any surgical specialty thanks to the wide range of available accessories.

Interchange of the system
Tables operators top transferable system

Transferable table top system

The transferable table top system is born from the idea of creating a high-performance operating table that is able to satisfy different surgical specialties with a fast and safe patient management.

Patented in 1981, it soon became a product at the highest levels in its category. Over the years it has undergone several technological improvements up to today’s electromechanical version.

Its versatility allows it to adapt to all surgical specialties. Thanks to the use of three elements (column, operating table and transporter trolley) the system allows to easily manage the patient in the pre-operative and operative phases: anesthesia, surgery and transport.

Security systems

Anti-collision system

The 2010 operating table has an “active safety” anti-collision system capable of self-determining its dimensions, this software control prevents (through the limitation / blocking of some movements) collisions between the table elements and the flooring, due to incorrect maneuvers by operator.

Using an integrated calculation system in recognition of the value of the excursion, the system is aware of the movements that can be performed and limits its travel (alerting the operator by means of acoustic signals) preventing damage to the system, making its use safe even in the face of distraction errors (the operator can take full advantage of the device’s performance in maximum safety.

Table operative safety collision system

Active and passive safety

Safety is the main focus of the design and subsequently of the realization of NUOVA BN medical devices.

Particular attention is paid to certain aspects, dedicating the resources and the time required for the device to act and react correctly in any situation, both normal and stressful, as established in the risk analysis.

The security aspect is divided into two categories, passive and active security as follows:

  • Passive safety: reference to the CEI standards, guidelines for the reliability, efficiency and effectiveness of the safety measures applied to the device.
  • Active safety: reference to the software management part of the system and to the robustness of the device. This safety avoids and automatically corrects the error of use (safe use status foreseen by the risk analysis, control of the position of each electromechanical movement, control of the anti-collision system, manual recovery in the event of engine failure, etc. …).
Operating table detail handle

Structure and handle entirely in stainless steel with anti-reflective treatment

Table operative command manuals

Exclusive manual handling system in case of emergency

Table operative emergency button

High security emergency button to lock the table functions

Table operation display battery

Visual indication of the status of the accumulators via the display located on the column

Table tops
Table top Modulo

Modulo table top

Modular table top configuration up 2 to 10 sections suitable for every surgical need and different types of patients.

The table top gives the surgeon the possibility to configure it in the way he prefers, inserting or removing the various sections and using all the electro-assisted movements both with the patient positioned on the head side and on the foot side.

The MODULO top is compatible with all the automatic device models, series 3010 and 2010 series, both mobile with fixed top to column and mobile on transferable tops systems.

Table top MODULO
Table top surgery trauma

Traumatological table top

Specially designed for orthopedic and traumatological surgery, versatile in sections that can be broken down.

Articulated back for interventions in arthroscopy of the shoulder, traumatology, composed of an upper section divided into three individually removable segments, available in electric or manual versions for adults or for children complete with autoclavable pillows.

To complement this table top there are several accessories that can be installed visible on our accessories catalog.

Traumatological table top
Table top carbon fiber

Carbon fiber table top

Table top in carbon fiber, completely metal free for c-arm images developing in 3d.

Available for equipping transfer table top systemsi, in addition to its robustness, this operating table provides complete brilliance.

Traction unit in carbon fiber, internal locking system without trace of metal.

Carbon fiber table top
Table top standard

Standard table top

The STANDARD table top combines technology, reliability, high performance and savings, making this product suitable for surgery traditional and specialist.

Completely in stainless steel with anti-reflective treatment, for maximum strength. The south floor divided into modular and removable sections is radiolucent for 400mm in width and for the entire length.

The top is in laminate and covered with anti-decubitus mats, removable and autoclavable Latex free, it is also possible to choose between two versions of mats.

Available basaments
Shaped basement

Shaped basement

Mobile shaped basement with directional and swivel castors, with high stability brake system, powered by a sturdy stainless steel footswitch with anti gliss rubber caps. Arranged to receive control softwares for the management of operating theatres with integrated system.

Column base ultra slim

Flat basement

Mobile flat basement of small footprint, renews the look of the operating room. Extreme stability and adjustment in case of no level floor. Arranged to receive control softwares for the management of operating theatres with integrated system.

Mobile basement column on big antistatic wheels

Basement on big wheels

Mobile basement on big antistatic wheels, directionality and total brake system on both sides with foot control. Arranged to receive control softwares for the management of operating theatres with integrated system.


Gynecology and urology

Gynecology and proctology in lithotomy position.

Leg support with adjustable servo assisted boot support, gel headrest, adjustable narcosis arm holder on ball complete with clamp and straps for locking the removable pillow arm for autoclave sterilization.

Operating table 2010 gynecology


Surgery of the spine and column in prone decubitus.

Headrest in extension for prone position, couple rests height adjustable in height and longitudinally, pair supports fixed axillary with spherical positioner, adjustable cylindrical support abdominal area with two rollers.
All the mats are removable and can be sterilized in an autoclave.

Operating table 2010 neurosurgery

Orthopedics and traumatology

Traction unit to be fitted to the electromechanical operator floors.

The support bars are double-jointed articulated at the start and at the centerline.
They meet the positions suitable for traction of the lower and upper limbs. The stainless steel structure ensures solidity and optimal use of the image intensifier.

Operating table 2010 ortotrauma

Neurosurgery ENT

Neurosurgery in supine position.

Support ring for hands adjustable in height and adjustable head rest on ball complete with removable cushion for autoclave sterilization.

Table operative 2010 ENT surgery

Bariatric surgery

High resistance footrest for obese patients, leg straps and washable body with high sealing closure.

Table operative bariatric surgery

Shoulder surgery

Articulated backrest composed of removable section 480 x 320 mm removable and adjustable by crank, complete with autoclavable pillow and interchangeable upper back divided into two sections right / left 220×240 mm also complete with autoclavable pillow.

Table operative shoulder surgery

General surgery

Thoracic surgery in lateral position, multi-position narcissus arm support adjustable longitudinally, in height, with a 360-degree spherical joint with respect to the operating table complete with clamp.

Operating table 2010 general surgery

Obviously these are just some applications.

We can configure the table for any specific application, also providing it with all the necessary accessories that can be viewed on our catalog.

Catalog of table accessories

For all the technical data of the EM 2010 series of operating tables, refer to the brochure.

EM 2010 Series Brochure