Furniture and accessories in stainless steel

Full range of technical furniture and accessories in stainless

NuovaBN is a very innovative company; thanks to its wide national and international commercial presence it is able to adapt itself to market’s change.

On an increasingly demanding customer’s needs, looking not only for a reliable product but also for real solutions.

Nuova BN suggests a range of furniture and accessories in stainless steel which completes the high-tech medical devices production and specialization for operating room.

From the large serial catalogue product’s range up to customized solutions, Nuova BN will support the customer during design and development

Stainless steel furniture for all departments in a hospital

Furnitures stainless steel catalog
Technical furniture for packing sterile tools

Technical furniture for packing sterile tools

Furniture Inox tables packaging instrument sterile

Technical tables for packing sterile tools

Furnishings steel logistics to centrals of sterilization

Logistics for cssd

Furniture Inox shelving deposit storage

Shelving units

Furniture steel bunk storage storage

Filing and storage cabinets

Furniture steel trolleys cabinet transport tools

Mobile instrument cabinets

Furniture steel cabinet wall passers

Pass through cabinets

Furniture steel technical pre-operating room

Technical equipment for pre-operating room furnishing

Furnishings Steel surgical theatre logistics

Surgical theatre logistics

Complete catalog of our stainless steel furniture for the hospital sector

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