Operating tables

We design and manufacture innovative operating tables

NUOVA BN has always distinguished itself as an innovative company, starting from the first operating table with transferable tops in the world (1981 Industrial Invention Patent) which, in fact, determined a new way of conceiving the operations in the hall.

The transferable tops system is still today one of the most used innovations in the most modern operating rooms throughout the world.

All the operating tables we produce are made of stainless steel and x-ray translucent, designed to combine high performance with minimum bulk.

Each table is made with a mobile column that allows the room attendant to adapt to any operating unit with safety and speed and to configure according to the specific surgical need.


year of the first patented table


specific accessories available for the tables


Variations of configurable tables

Elettronic operating table

Electronic operating tables

Multi-function radiosurgery tables designed to combine high performance with minimum bulk. Designed and manufactured for the needs of the most modern and specialized operating rooms, configurable for all surgical specialties, even the most demanding.

Mechanical operating table

Mechanical operating table

Simplicity, precision, stability and security. These characteristics make them suitable to satisfy any surgical specialty thanks to a wide choice of accessories available.