1010 series

Electrohydraulic operating tables

The 1010 operating table was conceived, designed and built with the intention of satisfying the needs for simplicity and versatility that are now indispensable in all surgical fields.

Electrohydraulic management of the most important movements, with self-leveling and different operating levels available, for each surgical activity.

Composed of modular sections, it satisfies every surgical specialty, even orthopedics up to the traction of the lower, upper and cervical limbs.

Base on large twin wheels, antistatic with braking system.

Basic outfit

Frame wholly in stainless steel

Table top divided into 5 sections

Base on big antistatic, directional and locking wheels

Electrohydraulic movements up/down, trendel / reverse trendel and lateral tilt

Top movements, with mechanical or crank regulation

Head rest and leg section, easily to remove

Automatical zero reset of electrohydraulic movements

Battery feed/charger inside the column

X-ray holder under back and seat section

Width radiotransparency of 400 mm

Accessories holder 25x10 mm throughout the table top length

Free decubitus and antistatic mattresses


Orthopedics and traumatology

Possibility of applying the orthopedic trolley for the traction of the lower / upper limbs and the relative accessories for all traumatology and orthopedic operations.

The stainless steel structure ensures solidity and optimal use of the image intensifier.

Operating table 1010 ortotrauma

Neurosurgery ENT

Neurosurgery in supine position.

Support ring for hands adjustable in height and adjustable head rest on ball complete with removable pillow for autoclave sterilization.

Operating table 1010 Ent surgery

Gynecology and urology

Gynecology and proctology in lithotomy position.

Leg support with adjustable support servo assisted boot, arm holder for narcosis adjustable on ball complete with clamp and straps for locking the arm removable pillow for autoclave sterilization.

Table operative 1010 Allen

General surgery

Thoracic surgery in lateral position, multi-position narcissus arm support adjustable longitudinally, in height, with a 360-degree spherical joint with respect to the operating table complete with clamp.

Tavolo operatorio 1010 chirurgia generale

Obviously these are just some applications.

We can configure the table for any specific application, also providing it with all the necessary accessories that can be viewed on our catalog.

Catalog of tables accessories

Technical data

Length 2010 mm
Width 500 mm
Pads thickness 50 mm
Load capacity 250 kg
Up / down electrohydraulic
Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg electrohydraulic
Lateral Tilt electrohydraulic
Self-levelling electrohydraulic
Back section crank
Thorax section crank
Leg section mechanic
Head section mechanic
Longitudinal shift mechanic
Table lock / unlock mechanic


Max. Height 1030 mm
Min. Height 670 mm
Height adjustment 360 mm
Trendelenburg 30°
Reverse Trendelenburg 30°
Lateral Tilt 20° / 20°
Back section +90° / -30°
Leg section +18° / -90°
Leg spread 0° / 90°
Head section -90° / +40
Thorax section (optional) 170 mm
Longitudinal shift (opzional) 300 mm
1010 series brochure
Operating table 1010 ascent
Operating table 1010 trendel
Operating table 1010 flex
Operating table 1010 legs back
Operating table 1010 translation