Delivery beds and obstetric surgery

Delivery and Gynaecology bed, from welcome to emergency with comfort and safeness

The delivery beds line was created to fulfill the needs of the mother in comfort during a natural physiological birth, but also in case of emergency and complications during childbirth, to transform into a surgical bed on which to intervene directly for cesarean delivery.

It is available in different versions also on big antistatic wheels.

The electronic version offers electromechanical management movements, cable remote control with illustration of the movements, pedal board and display for signaling the battery charge.

Made of stainless steel for maximum sanitation.

Weight supported more than 250 kg.

Delivery bed BN 93 elettronic

Time – critical Instant when delivery becomes an emergency…

Our solution is… An exclusive and comfortable delivery bed for a natural childbirth but also able to become an operating table in emergency cases.

As very well known a complex practice is the emergency cesarean section due to involment of different components as obstetrician, anesthesiologist and neonatologist.

30 steps are normally necessary after having taken the decision to proceed with a cesarean section as asking an intervention permission, calling of the anesthesiologist, the available staff together with the neonatologist, the preparation and the moving of expectant mother to the operating theatre, the preparation of the hermatological samples, the theatre preparation and the anesthesiologist induction.

An extreme critical instant of delay is due to transport and movement of the expectant mother from the labour room to the operating theatre.

It is quite clear that this time is the most frequently cause for delay birthing with obvious consequences on the brain state of the unborn.

Also well known are all the organisation problems faced from the obstetricial staff in an emergency case of cesarean section and how much the required time which takes this kind of organisation affects on the end result.

Delivery bed BN 93 EL lateral protection 180°

On demand for all series, protection and collapsible lateral barrier from 0° to 180°, useful as arm rest support.

Delivery bed BN 93 double plane

Double retractable plane with maximum versatility, also useful for the activity of the operator in surgery.

Delivery bed BN 93 pan

Removable and sliding pan for delivery tables.

Delivery bed BN 93 leg rests

Couple of thigh rest pads with adjustable sphere, complete with removable and foam pads sterilizable in autoclave.

Delivery bed BN 93 manual

The BN 93 delivery bed is also available in a manual version.

Comfort, stability and precision of movements guaranteed for simple natural birth, but also in case of emergency and complications during childbirth, turning it into a surgical bed in a few moments.

The manual version, like the electronic version, is supplied as standard with a double shelf, a basin and an adjustable leg support.

It is also possible to equip our delivery beds with all the accessories in our catalog.

Accessories catalog

For all technical specifications on our delivery beds, refer to the brochure.

Brochure BN 93 series